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When do study abroad programs to Japan for the summer of 2010 stop accepting applications? 

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I want to go to Japan this summer, not next summer. But I'm under 18, so there are a lot of programs that won't allow me in. The ones that have the intensive Japanese language program I need (& have it for students under 18) seem to close their applications early. Many expect you to apply 6 months in advance. It's 2 May, so there's only about a month & a half before summer. I'm afraid all the programs might be closed already, but I'm not sure. I need to know if they all close early or if there are still some that will let me in. And if there are any that are still open, I'll need to know what they are... but I need to know right away!

Asked in Studying Abroad - 2796 days ago

Tags: When do study abroad programs to Japan for the summer of 2010 stop accepting applications 

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