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Why don't the Harry Potter books deal with students at Hogwarts wetting their beds? 

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Statistically speaking, a lot of kids wet the bed. And at boarding schools, like Hogwarts, there's no way to hide it from the other kids. Yet none of the Harry Potter books deal with this. I'm also sure that a lot of the readers wet their beds. I don't understand why J.K. Rowling could ignore what must happen. Wouldn't it have been good to have a subplot where Harry (or maybe Ron or Hermione) was having accidents at night? A lot of kids who wet the bed would feel better knowing that their wizard hero also wears a diaper to bed. I'm not a writer, of course, so I can't tell the author what she should do. It just seems to me that those books were so long that she could have found time to address this important issue. 

Asked in Books & Authors - 3207 days ago

Tags: Why don't the Harry Potter books deal with students at Hogwarts wetting their beds 

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